EPHA and EEN are launching an EU funded project to boost collaboration with non-governmental organisations based in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Our goal is to create an extensive and comprehensive online directory of NGOs working on health and environment issues that is searchable and freely available on the internet.

The Directory lists pan-European networks active on health issues and national NGOs in each of the CEE, SEE and NIS countries.

Consult the Directory

If you want to register your NGO in the directory, use the button Add your NGO.

Our primary objective is to ensure the representation of health NGOs at European and international level.

EPHA and EEN also work in a number of stakeholder dialogues and partnerships including the EU Health Policy Forum, the WHO European Environment and Health committee, the Platform of European Social NGOs and the European Commission DG Trade’s civil society contact group.

By providing us with information about your organisation, you will let us respond more effectively to your needs and priorities.

In addition, featuring your NGO in the directory will give you unique networking possibilities, allowing you to share experience and information with other organisations throughout Europe and find partners for common projects.

To enter the details of your organisation in the Directory, follow the weblink below.

- http://ngo.epha.org/

Last modified on April 7 2005.