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[Press statement] EPHA calls on new Commission president to put people’s needs first

15 July 2014, Brussels –The European Parliament has confirmed Jean-Claude Juncker as the new President of the European Commission. EPHA would like to congratulate Mr Juncker for the confirmation and urges him to commit his 2014-2019 mandate to (...)

[EPHA 5th Annual Conference] 4-5 September 2014, Brussels

Registrations are closed but a very few places remain. Please apply to for last minute registration. [EPHA 5th Annual Conference] 4-5 September 2014, Brussels “Tectonic tensions - wealthy Europe`s fear of commitment” (...)

EPHA’s Election Manifesto

The last five years have been difficult for many people living in Europe. Unemployment, cuts to social support, lack of access to finance and the impacts of austerity have taken their toll on people, their health and their faith in the political (...)

[EPHA Guide] The EU and Health

14 October, 2013 - The EPHA Secretariat, with two decades of expertise in advocating for better health for everyone living in Europe, LAUNCHED TODAY a handbook to ease the reader’s journey into the EU’s competences on public health: its (...)

mHealth - an essential component towards integrated care

More integrated prevention and care models have long been recognised as important elements in moving towards better (...)...
Updated on 01/09/2014

[Media advisory] EPHA 5th Annual Conference (4-5 September)

Brussels, 27 August – Coinciding with the start of business of the new European Parliament and Commission as (...)...
Updated on 29/08/2014

[EPHA Response] EC Communication on effective, accessible and resilient health systems

EPHA welcomes the European Commission’s proposal to improve health systems and encourages it to take into (...)...
Updated on 20/08/2014

[Save the date] European Citizens’ Summit 2014

Beyond Europe’s growth obsession - 23 and 24 September, Brussels Find out more on the event’s: (...)...
Updated on 11/08/2014

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- European Ombudsman launches public consultation concerning the composition of European Commission expert groups. (Closes 31 August 2014)

-  Contributions invited to develop global action plan on antimicrobial resistance, WHO Regional Office for Europe (Closes 1 September 2014)

-  Public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy: towards a post-crisis growth strategy for Europe (Closes 15 September 2014)

- Public consultation on the discussion paper “Transformation to an Open European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)” (Closes 15 September 2014)

- The House of Lords of the United Kingdom EU Sub-Committee on Home Affairs, Health and Education, chaired by Baroness Prashar, is conducting an inquiry into the European Union’s Alcohol Strategy. (Closes 19 September 2014)

- Stakeholder consultation for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge "Health, demographic change and wellbeing" for the programming exercise 2016/2017 (Closes 20 September 2014)

- European Commission and its independent Expert Panel’s public consultation on Preliminary Opinion: Future EU Agenda on quality of health care with a special emphasis on patient safety (Closes 21 September 2014)

- European Commission public consultation on EU drinking water policy; where improvements could be made (Closes 23 September 2014)

- European Commission calls for proposals under the 3rd EU Health Programme – Electronic Submission online now (Closes 25 September 2014)

- Consultation on "The urban dimension of EU policies – key features of an EU Urban Agenda" (Closes 26 September 2014)

- European Commission public consultation on the revision of the Commission’s Impact Assessment guidelines (Closes 30 September 2014)

- The future of science: European Commission public consultation on Science 2.0 (Closes 30 September 2014)

- EFSA Public consultation on a draft opinion on the essential composition of infant and follow-on formulae (Closes 31 October 2014)

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