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Who’s afraid of nutrient profiles?

Nutrient profiles are misunderstood by many. But their importance is quite well-understood by those fearful of reasonable food marketing. On 12 April the European Parliament opened the possibility for nutrient profiles to be eliminated from the Claims (...)

Transfats regulation, the lowest-hanging fruit

Restricting the use of transfats in the food system will quickly yield significant and directly observable results. Removing trans fats from products is not only possible, but has been done by many small and big food companies alike. Why are we still (...)

New European pilot project promotes better health for those in isolated and vulnerable situations

The new ’VulnerABLE’ Project aims to increase our understanding of how best to improve the health of people who are living in vulnerable and isolated situations in the European Union. It began in early 2016 and will continue for two years, (...)

#TTIPLeaks and Bridging the gap between trade and public health

EPHA believes that greater transparency is vital to ensure proper democratic and public debate about the impact of trade policy on population health, following Greenpeace Netherlands’ release of classified TTIP negotiating documents By Zoltán (...)

[PRESS RELEASE] European Court of Justice rejects all claims against the EU Tobacco Products Directive

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) welcomes the ECJ judgement and calls for all EU and national (...)...
Updated on 04/05/2016

Unfit for purpose: How health-harmful lobbies are killing EU action on chronic diseases

THIS ARTICLE APPEARED FIRST IN THE EPHA NEWSLETTER. Keep up to date with EPHA’s unique perspective articles, (...)...
Updated on 04/05/2016

Patents or no patents? No longer a taboo issue

The Dutch Presidency makes moves to shake the medicines accessibility and affordability landscape, questioning the (...)...
Updated on 04/05/2016

Sustainable farming and food systems contribute to fighting AMR

A recent conference in London, ’Antibiotics and Farming: Prescriptions for Change’ organised by the (...)...
Updated on 03/05/2016

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