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[Event] Towards a sustainable food policy

Why do we need a sustainable food policy? What would a sustainable food policy need to be and do? Is a sustainable food and agricultural system just a dream, or already in the making? Why should it matter to consumers? This event, co-organised by (...)

European Commission revised Investor Arbitration proposal still shows bias and lack of transparency

Brussels, 12 November 2015. Public health groups, including EPHA, EHN and EASL [1] consider that the proposed changes to investor arbitration in TTIP are insufficient to stop companies attacking governments on public health laws, such as those for (...)

Striking the balance: Protecting Health, Protecting Investments

EPHA position on Investment Protection in TTIP and Trade Agreements Response to the European Commission proposal for an Investment Court System to replace Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Striking the balance: Protecting Health, Protecting (...)

[Open Letter] Call for a legislative limit for the amount of industrially produced TFAs in foods

For the first time, industry, health and consumer organisations come together to address an open letter to European Commissioners about the health effects of trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils. #TFAfreeEU OPEN LETTER To: First Vice-President (...)

All you need to know about FRESHER

FRESHER takes up the challenge of employing and interfacing both qualitative foresight techniques with quantitative (...)...
Updated on 01/02/2016

Unethical prices block patients’ access to treatment

“The astronomical and immorally high prices of medicines in Greece and internationally create a situation of (...)...
Updated on 31/01/2016

What the Dutch say and do not say about pharmaceuticals: a brief review of the Dutch Presidency priorities in the field of pharmaceuticals

The Dutch Presidency appears to be keeping its cards close to its chest as far as pharmaceuticals and public health (...)...
Updated on 01/02/2016

Call for review of National Strategy for Roma Inclusion prioritising health

There are a number of important reasons why, four years following its approval, the implementation of the National (...)...
Updated on 01/02/2016

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