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EPHA’s Election Manifesto

The last five years have been difficult for many people living in Europe. Unemployment, cuts to social support, lack of access to finance and the impacts of austerity have taken their toll on people, their health and their faith in the political (...)

Election Manifestos of EU political groups - what they mean for public health

With the Elections for the European Parliament around the corner, most of the political groups of the European Parliament have already nominated their Commissioner Candidates and launched their manifestos (see EPHA’s manifesto). We have taken (...)

[EPHA Guide] The EU and Health

14 October, 2013 - The EPHA Secretariat, with two decades of expertise in advocating for better health for everyone living in Europe, LAUNCHED TODAY a handbook to ease the reader’s journey into the EU’s competences on public health: its (...)

EPHA article to OECD: ’Delivering on inclusive growth through citizenship engagement’

Emma Woodford, former board member of EPHA, contributed with an opinion note to a workshop organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)/Ford Foundation. In her article, entitled ’Delivering on inclusive growth (...)

Eye health and vision care should be public health priorities in Europe

The European Coalition for Vision (ECV) delegation travelled to Luxembourg on 1st April 2014 to meet with (...)...
Updated on 17/04/2014

[EPHA report] EU Summit on Chronic Diseases

On 3 and 4 April 2014 in Brussels, the European Commission (EC) held the first ever “EU Summit on Chronic (...)...
Updated on 16/04/2014

Granada Declaration on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health and Healthcare in the context of current economic crisis

Between 9-12 April 2014, the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) organized its 5th European Conference on (...)...
Updated on 16/04/2014

The European Policy Action Network on Diabetes (ExPAND)

Almost one century after the discovery of insulin therapy , people who suffer from diabetes still continue facing (...)...
Updated on 15/04/2014

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- Public consultation on the preliminary opinion on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) (Closes in 16 April 2014)

- Civil dialogue groups: Calls for applications - European Commission, Agriculture and Rural Development, DG AGRI (Closes in 30 April 2014)

- European Commission: Consultation on mobile health (mHealth) (Closes in 3 July 2014)

- Public consultation - EU guidance on integrated Child Protection Systems. European Commission, Directorate-General Justice, Fundamental Rights and Rights of the Child Unit (JUST C.1) (Closes in 3 July 2014)

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